Prudential Overall Supply

In April 2018, Prudential Overall Supply celebrated its 86th year and was recognized as an IRWD WaterStar. The Irvine-based company, with 31 business outlets in 51 U.S. states, and one in Puerto Rico, focuses on commercial and industrial uniform supply and laundry services. Prudential sought to become a WaterStar to save resources, assist the community and put its commitment to clean, green sustainability into action.

Prudential’s automation of their laundry process eliminated human-related errors leading to inefficient water and chemical consumption. This action, combined with their upgrade to more-efficient industrial laundry washers, has enabled their Irvine plant to use 55% less water per the same amount of laundry processed. The company also took advantage of water district rebates to upgrade to high-efficiency toilets and urinals. Because of all of these water-saving measures, Prudential Overall Supply’s Irvine plant has been saving almost 3 million gallons of drinking water annually.

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