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Benefits of being a WaterStar Business/Restaurant 

WaterStar certification can help businesses improve water use efficiency, save on water bills, and obtain financial incentives for efficiency improvements. Certification is a way to communicate to the community that the applicant values water conservation.

Certified Water Star Businesses will earn the use of the WaterStar logo for display, web posting, and advertising. The District may also feature certified businesses in print media, on webpages, and water conservation literature to be distributed to IRWD’s customer base. Certified businesses will also be recognized at an IRWD Board Meeting and receive an award acknowledging their achievement.

Program Criteria

The recognition program is open to IRWD commercial, industrial, and institutional customers including commercial landscape irrigators within the IRWD water service area. Businesses and institutions can apply for certification at any time throughout the year.

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How to Obtain Certification.

Once you’ve reviewed and determined that you meet the Eligibility Requirements, complete and submit an online application. Our Representative will contact you within 1-2 weeks to answer any questions about the Criteria, explain the process, and help identify water service accounts and associated water consumption.

Site Water-Use Evaluation
Site assessments are provided by IRWD as a free service. Our Water Efficiency Representative will conduct a free on-site survey of your water-using fixtures, equipment, and landscape irrigation systems. Your water consumption history will be analyzed and recommendations made to improve water use efficiency with a customized landscape irrigation water budget designed to assist you in tracking outdoor water use. Typically the survey is conducted with the property owner/manager, a facility, operations or plant manager, or a landscape maintenance contractor.

You will be provided with a report summarizing your water use history and recommended water savings measures. The report will detail any investment required for implementation of the recommended water efficiency measures. If your site meets all the requirements, IRWD staff will schedule an on-site employee education presentation at a time that is convenient.  The presentation will cover additional ways to save indoor and outdoor, leak education, detection, repair, and rebates available to them, and your site will be recognized as a WaterStar Business. If further measures are required, general implementation guidelines are as follows:

  • A site visit by IRWD staff may be required to confirm implementation of measures
  • Your business may utilize applicable IRWD financial incentives (i.e., rebates) where water efficiency measures are needed.
  • Incentives utilized are subject to IRWD timelines, funding limits, and eligibility requirements.
  • Your business may implement recommended measures any time before or after applying to the program



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Eligibility Checklist

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