Kia Design Center

The Kia Design Center (KDC), a 60-person North American research and development facility, is part of the Hyundai America Technical Center Incorporated (HATCHI) operations.

The KDC dual-plumbed facility uses recycled water to flush toilets and urinals. Using recycled water this way, along with the implementation of drought-friendly landscape modifications and leak-preventing maintenance, enables KDC to save 400,000 gallons of drinking water per year. This water savings has earned Kia Design Center its WaterStar Certification.

KDC is located adjacent to Kia Motors America (KMA) on Peters Canyon Road in Irvine. KMA is also a WaterStar recipient. In fact, the combined savings achieved by both Kia facilities equals 11 million gallons of potable (drinking) water per year.

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