Kia Motors America

Kia Motors America (KMA) in Irvine is the marketing and distribution arm of Kia Motors Corporation based in Seoul, South Korea. The company offers a complete range of cars and crossover vehicles sold through a network of nearly 800 dealers in the U.S.

IRWD is pleased to recognize KMA as a Certified WaterStar Business for their contributions to the sustainability of our water resources. The company pursued WaterStar Certification at their Peters Canyon Road facility in Irvine as a way to “do their part’ in conserving water and energy while protecting the environment.

To reach this goal, KMA implemented a water-savings program that included the installation of sensor-automated faucets, urinals and toilets in the company’s restroom facilities; the use of recycled water for the toilets, urinals and landscape irrigation; and a water-efficient cooling tower system.

Due to these combined water efficiency measures, KMA has realized an average annual potable water savings of 10.6 million gallons. The company is also exploring another project that will lead to more potable water savings in the Irvine facility in the near future.

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