Hoag Hospital Irvine

On April 13, 2018, Irvine Ranch Water District officially honored Hoag Hospital Irvine as a Certified Water-Efficient Business — a WaterStar.

To become a WaterStar, Hoag Hospital Irvine, 16200 Sand Canyon Avenue, implemented several water efficiency initiatives including the installation of low-flow water fixtures, sink faucets and automatic flush valves. Hoag also utilizes highly water-efficient instrument sterilization equipment and maintains low-water use in its cooling towers and boilers.

Outdoors, Hoag’s recycled-water drip irrigation system is activated by weather-based irrigation controllers, which efficiently apply water in response to current climate conditions. Combined indoor and outdoor conservation measures saved Hoag more than 5 million gallons of water annually.

“Every gallon we save helps the environment” is Hoag’s call to action. With this in mind, Hoag implemented a comprehensive Water Management Plan to ensure compliance with today’s more-efficient water-use standards in healthcare. This plan monitors and controls the testing and use of water throughout Hoag’s facilities.

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