Fast 5 Xpress Car Wash

Fast 5 Xpress Car Wash, at 3080 Main Street in Irvine, is a state-of-the-art, fully-automated car wash employing a water reclaimed system that reuses 80% of its wash water. For instance, a typical automatic non-reclaimed car wash station uses 50-80 gallons per vehicle. The Fast 5 Xpress Car Wash reclaimed water system uses less than 20 gallons per vehicle, based upon the current number of vehicles washed there each month.

The water used by Fast 5 Xpress customers is collected in a 2000-gallon clarification tank that separates any heavy contaminants before reclaiming the used water back into the system through extensive filters. The car wash’s nozzle timing also tailors water usage to match the length of each individual vehicle moving through the wash. This is how Fast 5 Xpress has been able to use just the right amount of reclaimed water to get the job done and save an average of 7.5 million gallons per year of drinking water.

Irvine Ranch Water District awarded WaterStar certification to Fast 5 Xpress Car Wash to recognize the company's commitment to using water efficiently and protecting urban water quality. As Fast 5 Xpress manager Jeneine Anderson explains, "We hope that by becoming a WaterStar, we can both promote our wash and encourage other businesses to take an extra step to reduce their water usage. We’re honored to receive this award acknowledging our hard work at conserving water and limiting the environmental impact of our business."

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