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This page is for Commercial Rebates. For Residential Rebates, please go HERE


Interested in saving water and money? IRWD offers customers rebates on the purchase of high-efficiency water fixtures. Below is a list of eligible products. Questions? Call the IRWD Water Use Efficiency Department at (949) 453-5581.

Rebates are administered by the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and processed through SoCalWaterSmart. Funding is supplemented by IRWD above the base amount offered by MWD. 

If you have already submitted for a rebate and do not receive the full amount listed here, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a copy of the rebate confirmation and a copy of the check issued by SoCalWaterSmart.

Rebate applications and specific information available at

To check status of your application call the SoCal WaterSmart hotline at (888) 376-3314. A reservation is required prior to purchasing a qualifying device.


  Eligible Fixture

  Total Rebate Amount

  Commercial Premium High Efficiency Toilet (HET) - 4 liters/1.06 gallon per flush   $40
  Multi-Family Premium High Efficiency Toilet (HET)    $40
  Zero and Ultra Low Water Urinals (ZWU and ULWU)    $200 
  Weather-Based Irrigation Controller    $35 per station
  Central Computer Irrigation Controller    $35 per station 
  Soil Moisture Sensor System   $35 per station
  Turf Removal Rebate   $3 per sq. ft. of grass removed 
  Rotating Nozzles for Pop-Up Spray Heads    $4 per nozzle, 30 piece minimum 
  High Efficiency Nozzles for Large Rotary Sprinklers    $13 per set, 8 set minimum 
  In-Stem Flow Regulator    $1 per regulator, 25 piece minimum 
  Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller    $1325 per controller 
  pH Cooling Tower Controller    $2150 per controller 
  Dry Vacuum Pumps    $125 per 0.5 HP (Max 2)
  Air Cooled Ice-Making Machines    $1,250 per ice machine 
  Connectionless Food Steamers    $970 per steam compartment 
  Laminar Flow Restrictors   $10 per restrictor 
  Plumbing Flow Control Valve   $5 per valve (Minimum of 10 valves)
  Pressure Regulating Spray Body   50 percent of the total device costs
  Drip Irrigation   $0.70 per square foot of converted area, max of 45,000 square feet 
  Commercial Landscape Irrigation Improvement Program 
  Pressure Regulating Spray Body Program

Rebate amounts may fluctuate and are subject to funding availability. Amounts shown on the IRWD website are updated often, but may not always reflect the current amount. It is highly recommended that you confirm the current funding amount before purchasing a water-efficient device by visiting the "Estimate my Rebate" tool for Residential or Commercial customers at the SoCal WaterSmart website.

Commercial Customers

  • Commercial customers must apply for a rebate before making the purchase. Applications and specific information on each rebate is available at
  • There is an indoor device rebate limit of $50,000 per address.


SoCal Water Smart

To receive a rebate, visit SoCal Water Smart and be ready to provide:

  • Your name, installation address, e-mail address and telephone number
  • Name of your water provider (verify this is IRWD by looking at your water bill)
  • Type and quantity of product that you will be purchasing
  • If you are working with a landscape contractor to install your product, please provide the contractor's contact information and, if available, the C-27 license number


Existing Applications

  • If you have already submitted an application but have not yet received your rebate, please be advised there is a slight delay in processing due to the overwhelming success of the program. Your patience is appreciated.
  • To check the status of your current rebate application you may call the SoCal WaterSmart line at 888-376-3314.