Large Landscape & HOA

Helping our commercial and municipal customers maximize the efficient use of water for large landscape irrigation is a top priority for IRWD. Use the resources below to maximize efficiency for large landscape irrigation.

HOA - Home Owner Associations:
If your HOA maintains large common landscaped areas, the many links and tips on the page could be helpful in saving you water and money. For further information and site-specific help with the efficient irrigation of your HOA landscape, please call the IRWD Water Efficiency team at 949-453-5581 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note: Effective July 1, water budgets for potable water accounts are based on 60% warm season turf and 40% drought tolerant landscape irrigated with a water-efficient system, such as drip.

If you maintain your current watering schedule for grass, you will most likely go over your allocation and result in a high water bill. Click here for more information.


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Meter and Allocation Log Sheet
Allows you to compare your water usage with IRWD’s allocation. Monitoring your usage and making changes in response to changes in your allocation can be a valuable tool to help you use water efficiently. These log sheets must accompany leak adjustment requests.


Landscape Irrigation Adjustment Form
This form is used to request an adjustment. You will need information you can find on your bill in order to complete these forms. Instructions for Submitting a Landscape Irrigation Adjustment Form.

Free Web-Based Landscape Report: reflects IRWD's current water rates and allocations. IRWD invites you to use this free convenient water management tool anytime to obtain information about the performance of the sites you manage. 

Download the Web-Based Landscape Report

Weather Center - ET: Weather station data is electronically transmitted daily to IRWD and used to calculate evapo-transpiration, also known as ET, which is the amount of water needed by turfgrass to remain healthy in each specific climate zone. IRWD's billing system relies on accurate weather station data to provide landscape and commercial customers like you with site-specific allocations to ensure that your landscaping receives sufficient water. 

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